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Core Knowledge


Lateral Vertical Hop - Double Contact to Stabilize

Starting Position

  • Standing with hips perpendicular, on the leg nearest, to a line of hurdles


  • Hop laterally over one hurdle and land in a stable position
  • Quickly bounce on the landing foot to preload for the next hurdle hop
  • Continue over the remaining hurdles
  • Reverse direction and repeat drill, taking off and landing on the opposite leg

Coaching Keys

  • Use hip and arms to generate force
  • Land softly by absorbing through your hip
  • Anticipate the ground on every contact and try to minimize ground contact time following the second contact
  • Do not allow knee to collapse to the inside upon takeoff or landing

You Should Feel It

  • Working your hips and legs

Tags: Hurdles, Reaction, Stability, Lateral Movement, Agility