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Core Knowledge


Leg Cradle - Endurance

Starting Position

  • Stand with your back straight, your knees unlocked, and your arms at your sides


  • Lift your right foot off the ground and squat back and down while standing on your left leg
  • Lift your right knee to your chest, placing your right hand under the knee and your left hand under the ankle
  • Pull your right leg as close as you can to your chest into a gentle stretch while contracting your left glute
  • Now step forward with your right foot
  • Alternate feet and repeat for the prescribed number of reps

Coaching Keys

  • Keep your chest up. Contract the glute of the leg you are standing on

You Should Feel It

  • Stretching on the outside of your hip in your front leg and in the hip flexor of your back leg

Tags: Running, Mobility, Movement Preparation, Hip, Hip Flexors