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Core Knowledge


Push-up - Physioball Feet Up

Starting Position

  • Push up position with hands on a physioball and feet on a box or bench


  • With your belly button drawn in, lower yourself to where your chest barely grazes the ball
  • Control the ball as you push back up, holding your belly button in and pushing your sternum as far away from the ball as possible

Coaching Keys

  • Lock your belly button drawn in to stabilize your pillar before starting
  • Shoulder blades should be pushed away from each other in "plus" position (as far forward as possible) at the top position
  • Keep your fingers pointed down the sides of the ball

You Should Feel It

  • Working your abs, glutes, core, shoulder, chest, and arms

Tags: Upper Body Push, Pillar strength, Stability, Abs, Chest, Physioball, Balance, Strength