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Core Knowledge


Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch - Half Kneeling with Lateral Flexion


  • Place one foot flat on the ground and your opposite knee on a soft pad or mat. Rest the hand of your front leg on your knee.
  • Lean slightly forward with your torso, tighten your stomach, and contract the glute of your back leg.
  • Maintaining this position, shift your entire body slightly forward.
  • Reach the hand of your kneeling leg overhead and crunch your torso to the opposite side.
  • Straighten your torso and return to the starting position.
  • Complete the set on one side before repeating with the other leg.

Coaching Tip

  • Do not allow your back to arch excessively.

Feel It

  • Stretching the hip of your front leg and the upper thigh of your back leg.

Tags: Quadriceps, Torso, Hip Flexors, Stretching