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Core Knowledge


Rotational Chop - Half Kneeling Cable

Starting Position

  • Attach a rope or pulley handles to the high cable pulley.
  • Begin in a half kneeling position with your side to the machine, your outside knee down, and inside foot on the floor with your leg almost straight.


  • Holding the rope handle with each hand, in one fluid motion turn hips and shoulders away from the machine, pull the handle to your chest, and then push the rope down and away from you.

Coaching Keys

  • Turn towards and away from the machine with each repetition.
  • At the end of each repetition, your chest should be up, your shoulder blades should be back, and your stomach should be tight.

You Should Feel It

  • Working your hips, shoulders, triceps and abdominals.

Tags: Cable Machine, Stability, Shoulder, Hip, Torso, Triceps, Rotational Movement, Strength