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Core Knowledge


Rotational Row - 1 Arm Cable Standing

Starting Position

  • Standing in an athletic base position, holding a cable handle with the outside hand, feet parallel to cable, hips flexed, and abdominals drawn in


  • Reach across your body with the outside hand, turning hips and shoulders to the machine
  • Rotate outside shoulder back and pull the handle to your outside hip (much like a dumbbell row) as you push up and away from the machine with your inside leg

Coaching Keys

  • This movement should look and feel like you're trying to start a lawnmower that doesn't want to crank
  • Turn shoulders toward and away from the machine with each repetition
  • Your hips should be pointed away from the machine at the end of each repetition with your inside glute contracted (tight)

You Should Feel It

  • Working the legs, torso rotators, lats, arms and back of the shoulders

Tags: Torso, Cable Machine, Shoulder, Rotational Movement, Strength