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Core Knowledge


Row - 1 Arm / 1 Leg Ipsilateral Dumbbell

Starting Position

  • Standing on right leg, hinged over at the waist, holding a dumbbell with the right hand and a stable waist high surface with the left
  • Left leg is lifted to form a "T" with your body


  • Slide the right shoulder blade toward your spine and then lift the weight to your body by driving your elbow to the ceiling
  • Return to the start position and repeat for prescribed number of repetitions
  • Switch sides and repeat

Coaching Keys

  • Move the shoulder blade, not the arm, to initiate the row
  • Keep elbow close to the body as it passes the rib cage
  • Keep back flat
  • Fire back glute to keep leg extended and your toes pulled to your shin
  • Keep knee of weightbearing leg slightly bent
  • Stand on the same leg as the hand doing the lifting

You Should Feel It

  • Working your upper back, shoulders, and hips

Tags: Upper Body Pull, Stability, Shoulder, Dumbbells, Upper Back, Strength