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Core Knowledge


Split Dumbbell Curl to Press

Starting Position

  • Standing holding dumbbells with front foot on stable object about mid-thigh height


  • Shift your weight forward onto your front leg, taking your back leg into a stretch
  • Now, keeping your elbows still, lift the dumbbells to your shoulders as you rotate your palms to the ceiling
  • After performing a biceps curl, press the weight over your head, finishing with your palms facing forward
  • Return to the starting position and repeat until you've completed all your reps
  • Switch legs midway through the set

Coaching Keys

  • Keep your stomach and the glute muscles of your rear leg tight throughout the movement
  • Do not allow your back to move
  • Do not rock forward or backward, and don't move your elbows

You Should Feel It

  • In your biceps, glutes, and hip flexors

Tags: Shoulder, Dumbbells, Strength, Biceps