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Core Knowledge


Thoracic Spine Mobility - Double Tennis Ball

Starting Position

  • Tape two tennis balls together to for a "peanut" shape
  • Lie on your back with the balls under your spine just above your lower back and your hands behind your head


  • Perform 5 crunches
  • Then raise your arms over your chest and alternately reach over your head for 5 repeitions with each arm
  • Move the balls up your spine 1 to 2 inches and repeat the crunches and arm reaches
  • Continue moving the balls up your spine until they are just above your shoulder blades and below the base of your neck

Coaching Keys

  • During the crunches, try and "hinge" on the ball rather than rolling over it
  • Think about keeping your ribs pushed down to the ground during the arm reaches

You Should Feel It

  • As if you were getting a deep massage in your mid to upper back

Tags: Back, Injury Prevention, Shoulder Pain, Prehab