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Core Knowledge


Trunk Rotation to Lateral Flexion - Seated (Progressive)


  • Sit on a bench with your hands clasped behind your head, your elbows out and in line with your ears, and a pad or towel pinned between your knees.
  • Keeping your hips still and your chest up, rotate your trunk to one side.
  • Laterally flex your spine, crunching your back elbow down toward the ground.
  • Reverse the crunch.
  • Rotate your trunk slightly farther and repeat the crunch.
  • Reverse the crunch, rotate your trunk slightly farther one more time, and repeat the crunch to complete 1 rep.
  • Complete the set on one side before repeating on the other side.

Coaching Tip

  • Keep your chest up throughout the movement.

Feel It

  • Stretching your torso and upper back.

Tags: Weight Bench, Mobility, Torso, Upper Back, Stretching