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Artichoke Shrimp Pasta

Cook Time
25 minutes
38 g
Total Fat
18 g
Saturated Fat
3 g
48 g
Dietary Fiber
8 g


  • 1/4 lb pre-cooked shrimp
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked pasta
  • 1 oz chicken broth
  • 2 artichoke hearts
  • 1/4 bunch blanched broccoli
  • 1/4 cup roasted red peppers, chopped
  • 1/4 cup pesto sauce


  1. Blanch a 1/4 bunch of broccoli.
  2. Cook 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat pasta as directed on the box.
  3. Drain one can of artichoke hearts, and rinse off two of the artichoke hearts. You won't need the other artichoke hearts, so store them for later use.
  4. In a large pan, saute the two artichoke hearts, 1/4 cup of roasted red peppers (chopped), a 1/4 cup of pesto sauce, and 1 ounce of chicken broth over medium heat.
  5. Add in the cooked pasta.
  6. As it heats up, add a 1/4 pound of pre-cooked shrimp. Remove from heat when shrimp is fully heated.
  7. Season to taste.

Tags: Dinner, Cooking, Recipes, Food

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