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Gym Equipment 101


Heading into the weight room for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but know this—everyone there has been a beginner, and most of them are still new to training. With your Core Performance workout in hand, you’re already better prepared than most.

Becoming familiar with the training equipment available to you will help you feel more comfortable and make the most out of every workout. To help you navigate the gym, we’ve assembled a list of equipment frequently used in Core Performance online training programs. This doesn’t mean you need all of this equipment to get in a workout. Far from it. Some Core Performance workouts require light equipment, like a foam roll or stretch rope, while others utilize several pieces of gym equipment.

If you don’t have access to a piece of equipment, you can use the “exchange movement” button in your Core Performance workout to swap in an alternative movement. Or keep the exercise, but modify it slightly. For instance, click here to learn how to modify medicine ball throws.

Note: The categories below are just to help you navigate, but the equipment here can be used in many different ways for various goals.

Strength and Power

A dumbbell is a type of free weight that can be used individually or in pairs (one in each hand).


A bench is a padded surface that provides support for resistance exercises. It’s often adjustable.



Medicine Ball
A medicine ball is a small, weighted ball that can be used to train the whole body. Learn more about medicine ball training.


A barbell is a long metal bar often used alone or with weight plates to add resistance.



Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar, or chin-up bar, is a solid bar that supports your bodyweight as you perform certain exercises. Watch this video of the classic pull-up as an example.


Cable Machine
Cable machines provide adjustable resistance at various angles. Watch an example here. 

Cable machines can be used with a variety of attachments. For example, with a cable handle that is held by one hand at a time, a rope handle that you can grab with both hands, or an ankle strap that is used to provide resistance for the lower body.

Pillar Strength and Stability

Stability Ball
Also known as a physioball or Swiss ball, a stability ball is a large inflatable ball used to perform exercises. Learn more about stability ball training here, or click here to buy a stability ball.


A slide is a versatile tool that reduces friction between the ground and body parts like hands or feet. Watch an example of one in use here.



Mini Band
A mini band is a small, elastic band that you loop around the ankles or just above your knees to help activate muscles.

Mobility and Flexibility

Stretch Rope
This long piece of rope provides gentle assistance during active stretching. Check out our beginner's guide to active isolated stretching, or click here to buy the stretch rope.



A dowel is a long, thin rod that can be used to aid in technique while providing minimal resistance.


Foam Roll
The foam roll is a cylinder of tightly packed foam used to perform self-massage. Click here to learn more, or buy the foam roll here.



Trigger Ball
This is any small, compact ball (tennis ball, for example) used for massaging specific areas.



Massage Stick
This is a long, thin stick with hard plastic rollers along the length of it used to perform self-massage. Buy the massage stick here.


Plyo Box
The plyo box is often used for takeoff or landing during plyometric jumping moves. Here's a primer on plyometrics.



A cone-shaped piece of plastic used as a visual cue or target in speed and agility drills. Click here to buy agility cones.



6-inch Hurdles Set of 3

A hurdle is a low, movable obstacle used in speed and agility drills. Click here to watch an example of a hurdle drill, or buy hurdles here.



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