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The 5-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Boost power and burn calories with nothing but a jump rope—the perfect go-anywhere training tool. Just toss one in your gym bag or travel bag and spice up your training routine with this series of jumps and exercises designed by Paul Robbins, a metabolic specialist for Athletes’ Performance. You’ll improve your overall conditioning and hone your footwork for sports.


  • General conditioning
  • Foot speed and quickness
  • Lower body power


  • 5 minutes

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Perform each movement and jump listed below for 30 seconds, moving from one drill to the next without rest. By alternating between power moves (such as squat jumps), dynamic movements (like hand walks), and skipping rope, your heart rate will recover briefly so you can return to jumping without overtaxing your body and burning out early. This alternating, or interval, training method is also a proven strategy for improving heart health.

Use this workout on the road, or to kick up your warm-up, or simply as a change of pace instead of your energy system development (ESD) routine. As the workout becomes easier, try completing a second round. So you'll rest 1 to 2 minutes after you’ve gone through the full 5-minute routine, and then repeat the entire series for an additional 5 minutes.

Movement Prep

Movements Sets Reps
Jump Rope Skip rope with both feet together. 30 seconds View Details
Handwalks 30 seconds Play Video

View Movement Details

Inverted Hamstring Stretch - Endurance 30 seconds Play Video

View Movement Details

Jump Rope - Alternate Feet Skip rope while alternating feet, as if running in place (boxer's style). 30 seconds View Details
Split Jump - Countermovement 30 seconds Play Video

View Movement Details

Double Jump Rope for Power Skip rope with both feet, but jump a little higher than usual so you can get two rope turns in for each jump. 30 seconds View Details
Lateral Lunge - Step & Return 30 seconds Play Video

View Movement Details

Squat Jump - Countermovement Stabilize - Endurance 30 seconds Play Video

View Movement Details

Skier's Jump Rope Skip rope jumping a few inches to your right, then to your left. Alternate from side to side, keeping your feet together and your torso straight. 30 seconds View Details

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