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The Fastest Workout Known to Man

Scott Wachter

There’s a drill that takes just six seconds to perform, but yields significant speed, power and agility benefits. This high-speed exercise is called “rapid response” because you’ll move faster than ever before in your training. Even if you have no aspirations of performing on the athletic field, “rapid response” drills will challenge your body in new ways. And if you haven't moved athletically in a while, you might even feel like a kid again learning new sport skills.

Want to improve quickness on the field? Rapid response. Want to make sharper cuts on the court? Rapid response. Here’s why: Quickness isn’t just about how big and strong your muscles are, but how efficiently your brain can communicate with your body. Rapid response drills challenge both your muscular system and nervous system to function in tandem and with precision, allowing you to move faster and under control.

An example of “rapid response” is quickly moving your feet back and forth over a line. It lasts all of about six seconds, but improves footwork, coordination, and quickness. You’ll also become more skilled at disassociating one foot from the other while maintaining proper posture. On the field, disassociation will help you make sharper cuts and juke past your opponents. Off the field, you’ll move better, and with more coordination, in any activity.

Since “rapid response” drills prepare your brain and body for activity, they’re best performed towards the end of your dynamic warm-up (a.k.a. Movement Prep), either before a training session, practice, or game. And because they’re so fast, you don’t need to worry about them wearing you out.

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Try the sample routine below as part of your Movement Prep. Perform each drill for 6 seconds, putting forth maximal effort. Rest for about 30 seconds, and then repeat before moving onto the next exercise.

Rapid Response Workout

Movements Sets Reps
Base Rotations 2 6 seconds each Play Video

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Base Pogo - Side to Side Over Line 2 6 seconds each Play Video

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2 Inch Runs - Moving Forward 2 6 seconds each Play Video

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Tags: Speed, Sports Performance, Lower Body, Conditioning, Field Hockey, Reaction, Multidirectional Movement, Acceleration

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