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Massage Stick


Q&A: Dealing With a Pain in the Neck

What to do when your neck stiffens up after a full day at the office.


The Hurry-Up Guide to Preventing Aches and Pains

Avoid the hurt with these time-saving, injury-prevention tips.


Massage Stick - Self Massage - Football

Using the massage stick is an excellent tool for effective regeneration.


Massage Stick - Self Massage - Golf

The massage stick is a great tool for easy rehabing and self-massage.

The Performance Life

The Massage Stick is a Hit

Working on regeneration has been easy with the massage stick and stretch rope...


Performance Stick

Use the Performance Stick to prepare your muscles for a workout or loosen up after a challenging training session.


Soft Tissue & Stability Bar

The Athletes' Performance Soft Tissue & Stability Bar is an optimal way to prepare your muscles before a workout or regenerate your muscles after a tough training session.


Travel Stick

The Travel Stick is a perfect size to stick in your suitcase and use it to prepare your muscles before a workout or generate your muscles after a workout on the road.