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Well at Work

Employees Motivated to Work Harder When They Feel Appreciated

Appreciating your employees in simple ways can motivate them to work harder and stay with your company longer.


3 Pregame Mindset Strategies

Use these effective strategies to focus your mind and prepare yourself to play your best.


How to Develop a Winning Mindset

5 tips to keep your head in the race and power your performance.

Live Better

Can Twitter Help You Lose Weight?

Find out how tweeting about your weight loss goal can help you shed pounds.

Live Better

How to Increase Your Chances of Achieving Your Resolution

A new study found that committing to your resolution for 30 days can improve your chances of success.

Live Better

How Choosing a Fitter Workout Buddy Can Help You Burn Calories

A new study found that the workout buddy you choose can impact how many calories you burn during a workout.


Simple Change: Keep a Food Journal to Lose Weight

A new study confirms what many nutritionists have been preaching for years: writing down what you eat can help you shed pounds.

Well at Work

Hit the Gym to Increase Your Salary

A new study found that employees who worked out earned more than their sedentary co-workers.

The Performance Life

21 Workout Songs to Download Right Now

We rounded up the hottest new tunes (plus a few oldies but goodies) to help you get motivated in the gym.


Study: Eating Big Meals May Make You Feel Like a Big Deal

A new study found that people who view food size as relating to social status are more likely to choose larger menu items or supersize orders.


Oversharing Can Sabotage Your Goals

New research suggests that telling the world you want to lose 50 pounds can lessen your desire to change.


How to Fight Fatigue During a Race

We asked a few Ironman triathletes how they deal with hitting the proverbial wall, so you can use their insights to power through your next race.

In the News

The Walls at Sheraton Hotels Know How to Motivate Gym Goers

The Sheraton Hotel in New York City uses inspirational phrases to motivate gym-goers.

Live Better

25 Resolutions for Couples

Rather than make another unfulfilled promise, here’s your new resolution: Make one with someone else.

The Performance Life

5 Ways to Use Technology to Hit Your Fitness Goals

Use social media, reminders, and online tracking tools to power better health and fitness in 2012.


7 Secrets to Get Motivated for a Workout

If you’re not sick, sore, or injured, then chances are, you're just making excuses. Here’s how to get motivated and stay motivated for every workout.

The Performance Life

3 Life Lessons Learned from Running

Author Martin Dugard shares what he's learned about life from running.


Q&A: Is It Better to Skip a Workout or Tone It Down When Tired?

Use this mental trick to get yourself to the gym when you're lacking motivation.


How to Prepare Your Mind for a Grueling Endurance Race

Former Marine Paul Roarke offers his advice for tackling races that test your mind as much as your body.

Success Stories

How One Former Runner Rediscovered Her Inner Athlete

Looking to lose a few pounds? Find inspiration from this Intel employee who dropped five dress sizes with her lunch-hour workouts.