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Well at Work

Don’t Let Your Computer Crunch Your Neck

Researchers found that yoga may help counteract pain from computer use.

Live Better

Do You Have "Text Neck?"

Find out how your smartphone may be straining your neck and spine.


What You Need to Know About Pinched Nerves

Learn all about this painful condition and how to treat and avoid it


Trigger Point - Neck

Release tension in your neck with this satisfying movement.

Well at Work

The Cost of Chronic Pain

A new study found that the added stress of balancing work and family can lead to chronic pain.

Success Stories

How One Guy Eased Pain and Raised His Golf Game

After waking up in a world of hurt, Jay Lavender decided to finally commit to his health.


Q&A: Dealing With a Pain in the Neck

What to do when your neck stiffens up after a full day at the office.


How to Ease a Neck Strain

A neck strain is a serious but treatable muscle injury, not to be confused with a neck sprain.


Pinched Nerve

Learn all about this degenerative condition.

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