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Broccoli: The New Health Crusader

A new study finds that a daily dose of broccoli may help ward off stomach ulcers and five types of cancer.


7 Foods to Stop Freaking Out About

These foods have been branded as "bad." Find out why it's okay to start eating them again.


The Folic Acid Fallout

New research finds a supplement guys should avoid.


Can Fish Make You Smarter?

Swedish scientists have found that eating fish boosts brain power.


Keep Your Fridge Fresh

A new study shows that you should regularly clean out your fridge to ensure that you're eating fresh, tasty food.


Is Dark Chocolate Overrated?

The heath benefits of chocolate might not be as sweet as advertised. Read this before you indulge.


Two Core Supplements

Is your diet perfect? Probably not. Which means you should consider this pair of supplements.


The Science of Workout Nutrition

What you eat before and after your workout may be your most important meals of the day. Here's everything you need to know.

Live Better

Will Your Body Hold Up?

A healthy appetite for fruits and vegetables can keep your bones strong.


Boost Your Brainpower with Blueberries

A new study links blueberries to increased brain activity.


All About Fish Oil

Boost your health and performance with the essential fatty acids in fish.


Fuel For Your Workout

What to eat before your workout, and when, to maximize your results.


Endurance Fuel

Run, bike, and swim longer—and stronger—with the right foods.


Food is Not the Enemy

View nutrition as your training partner. Food not only fuels your body for every training session, but it also ensures proper recovery.


5 Ways to Downsize Your Portions

Can't lose weight? You may be eating (much) more than you think.


Heal Your Body with Food

The proper nutrients can help you recover faster from injury and move more efficiently.

Play Better

Probiotics Benefit Distance Runners

Beneficial bacteria found in certain foods helped cut the rate and length of respiratory illness for long-distance runners.


Folate 101

From boosting brainpower to reducing risks for disease, discover the benefits of folate and how to get more of it in your diet.


Antioxidants 101

What they are, why they're good for you, and how to get more of them in your diet.


Eat a Rainbow

Healthy eating starts with the colors on your plate.