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Crunches (Stability Ball)

Adding weight makes this ab exercise even more challenging.


Rotational Reverse Crunch - Hanging with Stability Ball

Challenge your abs with this movement.


Y's - Dumbbells (Stability Ball)

Build strength in your shoulders and upper back with this movement.


L’s (Stability Ball)

Guard against shoulder injury with this prehab movement.


W's (Stability Ball)

This movement will work your upper back and help protect your shoulders from injury.

One Small Change

4 New Ways to Fit Physical Activity into Your Day

Sneak more fitness into your day with these easy activities.

The Performance Life

Movements with Mark: Physioball

Athletes' Performance founder Mark Verstegen demonstrates five strength-building moves using a simple tool: the physioball.


Plank with Rotational Knee Tuck (Stability Ball)

This movement will challenge your balance and stability and work your core.


Cable Lift - Stability Ball

This movement will build strength in your torso rotators, upper back, chest and shoulders.


Reverse Crunch - Stability Ball

This movement will build strength and stability in your abs.


Rotational Row - 1 Arm Cable (Stability Ball)

You will feel this strength building movement through your torso rotators, lats, arms and the back of your shoulders.


Russian Twist - Bench Holding Stability Ball

This movement will work your trunk and hips.


Stability Ball Knee Tuck

This difficult movement will challenge your stability and balance.


Stability Ball Knee Tuck - 1 Leg

This challenging movement will work your abs, shoulders and hips as well as improve your balance and stability.


Pec Stretch (Stability Ball)

This movement is an effective way to stretch your pecs.


Reach, Roll and Lift - Stability Ball

This stretch will be felt throughout your upper back and shoulders.


Push-up - Physioball Feet Up

This challenging variation on the classic push up will challenge your strength as well as your stability.


Push-Up (One Foot on Stability Ball)

This challenging variation of the classic push-up will work your chest, shoulders, arms and core.


Rotational Crunch (Stability Ball)

A twist on the classic crunch makes this movement really effective.


Hip Crossover (Stability Ball)

This movement will work your core and torso rotators.