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Pillar strength

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Strengthen Your Core for Hoops

Shore up your core to improve your performance on the basketball court.

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A New Angle on the Water: Stand-Up Paddling

Whether you're looking to join the latest sport movement, improve your fitness, or pick up a fun hobby, check out what stand-up paddling has to offer.


Ease Pain with the Glute Bridge

Reduce knee pain and lower back pain with one simple move.


Push-Up - Stability Ball

Adding a stability ball makes this classic move even more intense.


Pillar Bridge - Lateral Jumping Jack

This difficult movement is the one of the most challenging moves in the Pillar Bridge progression.

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How to Get in Shape for Beach Volleyball

Advice from performance specialist Kevin Elsey on how to train for an unstable surface.


Lateral Pillar Bridge with Row

Challenge your upper back and pillar strength with this move.



The classic push-up build strength in your chest, shoulder and arms.


Overhead Squat (Theraband)

This movement will work not only your glutes, but your entire pillar.


Glute Bridge - Marching Knee Extension with Cable Activation

This movement will challenge your glutes and core stability.


Glute Bridge - Cable Activation (Reps)

This movement will challenge both your glutes and core stability.


Straight Leg Bridge - 1 Leg with Leg Lock (Stability Ball)

Build stability in your glutes with this movement.


Lateral Pillar Isometric - Sidelying

Work your abs and hips with this movement.


Quadruped - with Arm Lift

This movement will work your shoulders, back and abs.


Leg Curl - 2 Leg Up 1 Leg Down (Stability Ball)

This challenging movement will work your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.


Plank with Alternating Hip Flexion (Stability Ball)

Work your shoulders and trunk with this pillar strength builder.


Plank - Kneeling with Alternating Reach (Slides)

Work your abs and shoulders with this pillar strength builder.

Success Stories

One Road Warrior’s Game Plan

Bill Anderson shows how he overcame knee pain and shaped up despite spending most of his time on the road.


Pillar Bridge - with Alternating Hip Flexion (Stability Ball)

This challenging move will build your core strength.


Lateral Pillar Bridge - Bottom Leg Hip Flexion

Try this very challenging pillar strength movement.

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7 Ways to Perform the Glute Bridge

Master the glute bridge and its variations for a stronger, healthier body.


Lateral Pillar Bridge - Feet Staggered

Build stability through your shoulders and the sides of your torso.


Lateral Pillar Bridge - Kneeling

Work the sides of your torso with this easier variation on the lateral pillar bridge


Plank with Arm Lift - Feet Wide

A wider stance makes this pillar strength builder a little less challenging.


Pillar Bridge with Leg Lift

This pillar strength building movement will work your shoulders, torso, and hips.