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Map Out Your Meals

Figure out what to eat for the week on each weekend to reduce your risk of eating junk just because it's convenient.


Navigate the Grocery Store

Use these four tips to avoid nutrition land mines and buy better food.

The Performance Life

Tiki Barber's New Workout Plan

The former Pro Bowl running back on media life, economic opportunities, and his new workout.


10 Ways to Get More Out of Training

Blast through sticking points and reach your goals with these simple tweaks to common exercises.


Binge-Proof Your Kitchen

Even the best intentions can't protect you from making bad food choices.


Two Ways To Track What You Eat

Research shows that people who track what they eat see better results. Here's a simple way to do it.


How to Stop Procrastinating

The first step in overcoming procrastination: find out now.

Play Better

Size Up Your Competition

5 ways to figure out their faults and get off to a faster start.

Live Better

21 Ways to Travel Better

Perform great on the road with these training and nutrition tips.

Live Better

4 Steps to a Healthier You

You've made the choice, now get the tools.


Start Eating Better Today

Stop putting off to tomorrow what you can start achieving today.


The Importance of Rituals for Peak Performance

Four rituals to enhance your workout and game day performance.


How to Save Time in the Gym

Streamline your workout with this step-by-step plan.


Are You Wasting Your Time in the Gym?

Six ways to turn your workout upside down and get better results.


The 5 Stages of a Healthy Diet

Improve your eating habits and change your life in five manageable steps.


Why You Should Train Like An Ancient Greek

Set up your training to stay motivated and peak at the right time.


Q&A: No Time for Full Workout

How to modify your training session when you're pressed for time.


5 Keys to Adopting a New Training Program

Getting started on a new goal can be frustrating. Keep these tips in mind to save sanity and boost results.


Seek Small Achievable Goals

Surprising research on the type of goal-setting that works best.


6 Ways to Take Control of Food

Are these six factors affecting your health?