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Mindset Tips to Push Through High-Pressure Moments

Mindset expert Trevor Moawad shares four tips for overcoming pressure and performing your best.

Well at Work

Health News: Exercise Can Alleviate Work-Life Balance Stress

Researchers found that working out can help ease stress and increase confidence in dealing with work-life balance issues.

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How to Reduce Stress When You're Downrange

Simple ways to ease stress and stay focused when you're downrange.

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U.S. Employers Rank Stress as Top Workplace Issue

U.S employees and employers have different opinions of what causes workplace stress, according to a new Towers Watson survey.

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How Does Stress Impact Your Health?

A new study found that people who said stress impacted their health were twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack.

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7 in 10 Young Workers Call in Sick from Stress

A new study found that young employees are more likely to call in sick due to stress.

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What Stresses You Out at the Office?

A new survey found that 73 percent of workers are stressed out by at least one thing at the office.

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Study: Workers are Feeling the Pressure

A new study found that work pressures are pushing workers to the brink.


The Science of Slumps

New research explains how pressure situations can affect your body mechanics in sports. Plus: how to snap out of it.

The Performance Life

Jimmie Johnson’s Keys to Success

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson shares the secrets he's learned in his ride to a fifth consecutive Sprint Cup Series title.


Sidelined by Anxiety

5 steps to harness nervous energy and perform your best under pressure.

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Breathe Better, Live Better

Is better health and performance as simple as changing your breathing? Find out in this author's 31-day journey.

One Small Change

6 Lessons from a Month of Better Breathing

Contributing writer Joe Kita spent a month trying to improve focus, health and performance just by breathing better. Here's what he learned.

One Small Change

Breathe Better Under Pressure

A simple breathing trick to help you stay calm in stressful situations.

One Small Change

Game-Day Breathing: Does it Work?

Contributing writer Joe Kita tests a new breathing technique to see if it'll improve his batting average or if it's just a lot of hot air.

One Small Change

Welcome to Breathing Bootcamp

How to fill your veins with ice water by changing the way you breathe.

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Is America's Obsession with Youth Sports Hurting Kids?

An interview with author Mark Hyman on problems in parenting and youth sports.

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Keep Your Lead to the Clubhouse

How to stay cool and focused when a pending win in golf is on the line.

The Performance Life

Mark Martin's Longevity Roadmap

Mark Martin shares his secrets to being a successful NASCAR driver for close to 30 years.

One Small Change

26 Days Without Caffeine

How long can a recovering coffee addict hold up? A trip to Starbucks puts his will to the test.