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How to Fuel For Your Workout

Eat and drink at the right times to take your training to a new level.


5 Ways to Downsize Your Portions

Can't lose weight? You may be eating (much) more than you think.


Q&A: Pre-Workout Protein Shooter

Down a pre-workout drink (or "shooter") to boost energy for your workout.


Q&A: Soy for Men

Choose the right protein to build muscle and recover faster.

Play Better

Q&A: Nutrition Tips for Ultra-Endurance Athletes

What to eat when your athletic event lasts for days.

Live Better

Q&A: Will Late-Night Eating Make You Fat?

Our resident nutritionist explains the dangers of late-night nibbling and suggests four healthy bedtime snacks.


Effective Dieting with Nuts

Nuts can be essential fuel for your performance goals.


Fewer Legs = Better Protein

Start counting the number of legs for your protein choices and you'll create a healthy habit.


Q&A: Protein Requirements

How much protein to consume daily, depending on your goals and your training.

Live Better

Q&A: More Muscle, Less Fat

Makeover your eating habits using these three key principles.


Q&A: Get Six-Pack Abs

Evaluate your nutrition habits with these five questions for a flatter midsection.