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5 Postgame Recovery Strategies for Soccer

Ease aches and pains and get your body ready for your next game with these postgame recovery tips.


3 Steps to World Cup-Worthy Pregame Nutrition

Follow this three-step nutrition plan to improve your focus, boost energy, and power your performance


Quinoa Eggs Benedict Recipe to Power Your Performance

Danielle LaFata shares the go-to recipe she uses to power the performance of some of the world's top soccer players.


What are the Healthiest Cuts of Red Meat?

Enjoy the healthiest meats with this simple guide.


What's Better: Farm-Raised or Wild Salmon?

Nutritionist Bob Calvin explains how to choose fish that's safe and healthy.


The Best Post-Workout Shakes for Triathletes

Try these post-workout shake recipes designed for endurance athletes to improve performance and recover fast from hard workouts.


Q&A: Should I Eat Extra Protein if I’m Training for an Ironman?

Build muscle and go the distance in your training with this list of lean protein sources.


Q&A: What Foods Can I Eat to Boost My Metabolism?

Use these three simple strategies to keep your metabolism stoked all day.


The Best Ski and Snowboard Recovery Meal

How to refuel and kickstart the recovery process after a long day on the slopes.


Q&A: Why is There So Much Hype Around Quinoa?

Our expert nutritionist weighs in on whether this grain is effective or simply trendy.

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What to Eat and Drink During a Half Marathon

Use this race day fueling strategy from nutritionist Danielle LaFata to keep your energy up and conquer the 13.1. miles.


Q&A: What's the Best Source of Protein for a Vegetarian?

Want to make gains in the gym without eating meat? You'll need protein. Here's how to get it.

One Small Change

The Ultimate Vegan

He’s 6-foot-3, 235 pounds, and one of the best strength coaches in America. He also hasn’t had any meat or dairy in 20 years.


The Best Post-Workout Drink

Nutritionist Danielle LaFata explains how to make sure you don't lose out on all your hard work.


Q&A: Training on an Empty Stomach

If you're not fueling up before a training session, you could be hurting your performance.


How to Track Calories, Fat, Etc., for Foods Without Labels

A useful guide for eating healthy food and still tracking your nutrition facts.


Let Protein Power Your Weight Loss

Pack some more protein into your diet to shed pounds fast.


Muscle Foods

A hearty portion of nutrition advice to build a bigger, stronger, more athletic body.


How to Fuel For Your Workout

Eat and drink at the right times to take your training to a new level.


5 Ways to Downsize Your Portions

Can't lose weight? You may be eating (much) more than you think.