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Q&A: Are Saunas Good for You?

How to reap the health benefits of a sauna even if you don't have access to one.

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Best Exercises to Improve Balance for Surfing

Try these three movements to get up on your board and ride with better balance.


Q&A: Workouts Versus Programs: What's the Difference?

A primer on Core Performance workouts and training programs.


Q&A: Alternatives to Milk

How to get enough calcium in your diet even if you don't drink milk.


Fueling for Your Run

We answer three common nutrition questions for runners to help you go farther, faster.

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Q&A: Exercises to Surf Without Shoulder Pain

Here's what to do if paddling out to the break is hurting your surfing experience and your body.


How to Track Calories, Fat, Etc., for Foods Without Labels

A useful guide for eating healthy food and still tracking your nutrition facts.


Q&A: Building Grip and Forearm Strength

Use this spin on a classic exercise for a better grip and stronger forearms.


Q&A: Strength for Kayaking

Use these strategies to slice through the water with more power.

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Expert Advice for Endurance Athletes

Three ways to go longer and stronger in your favorite sport.


Q&A: Should You Water Down Meals for Weight Loss?

Eat less by drinking more throughout the day.


Q&A: Prepare Your Body for Altitude

How to train for an event in the mountains when you don't live there.

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Q&A: Lose Weight, Stay Strong

There's no rule that says you have to sacrifice muscle to lose weight. Here's how to look leaner and stronger.

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Q&A: Will You Burn Out Before Your Big Race?

Focusing too much on a single aspect of your training can set you up to peak too soon.


Q&A: Keep Making Progress in the Gym

The number one thing you can do to see continual gains in your workout performance.

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Q&A: Too Out of Shape for an Adult Sports League?

The best way to get off the sidelines is to get in the game.


Q&A: Dealing With a Pain in the Neck

What to do when your neck stiffens up after a full day at the office.


Q&A: Best Time of Day to Exercise

Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your training by timing it right.

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Q&A: How Can I Lower My Resting Heart Rate?

Learn what a healthy resting heart rate is and how to get yours in the right range.


Q&A: Are My Coffee Mix-Ins Ruining My Diet?

Find out if your splash of milk and packet of sugar are dooming your diet.

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Q&A: Supplements for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Three things to know if you train hard and don't eat meat.


Q&A: Caffeine and Creatine

Is taking both creatine and caffeine together dangerous or effective?


Q&A: What are the Healthiest Beers?

Nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips suggests a handful of brews to reach for when looking for the healthiest options.


Q&A: Feeling Too Full With Creatine

Timing your supplements correctly can increase their effectiveness and boost your energy.


Q&A: What are the Healthiest Wines?

How to select wines with the greatest health benefits.

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