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Play Better

Q&A: Gain Weight, Stay Quick

Pack on pounds and stay fast on the court with this conditioning plan.


Q&A: Post-Workout Shower

The right shower may actually be able to help your body recoup faster from the stress of a workout.


Q&A: Foam Roll While Injured

How to use the foam roll to feel better when you're injured.


Q&A: Return from an Ankle Sprain

Learn the movements you should do to strengthen your ankle after an injury.


Q&A: Protein Shakes for Muscle

Use protein shakes to supplement your protein intake and gain lean muscle.


Q&A: Foam Roll for Soreness

Still feeling sore a couple days after your workout? A foam roll can help.

Live Better

Q&A: Help Losing Weight

Six basic nutrition habits to help you lose weight.


Q&A: Burning Lungs

Use interval training to improve your anaerobic threshold.


Q&A: Feeling Too Full With Creatine

Timing your supplements correctly can increase their effectiveness and boost your energy.


Q&A: Alternatives to Eating Fish

Unfortunately, many of the foods that are popular to hate are also high in nutritional benefits.

Live Better

Q&A: Helping Kids Train for Sports

Approximately 45 million American children in the six-to-16 age group play school-sponsored or community-based sports. Here's how to help them prepare.


Q&A: Pull-Up Alternatives

The pull-up is the granddaddy of back moves, but it's also very challenging. Here another option if you struggle with this classic exercise.


Q&A: Get Six-Pack Abs

Evaluate your nutrition habits with these five questions for a flatter midsection.

Live Better

Q&A: Get Rid of Love Handles

What to do about the pesky fat around your midsection.


Q&A: Best Cable Equipment

Learn more about the pros and cons of this technically advanced equipment.

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Q&A: When’s the Best Time for Regeneration?

Learn when to perform your recovery routine to get the most out of your workouts.

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Refresh Your Bench Press Routine

Three moves to keep your upper-body workouts fresh and effective.


Q&A: When is the Best Time of Day to Run?

Our head nutritionist explains why running early may be able to help you burn fat faster.


Q&A: What's a Good Recipe for Quinoa?

Liven up boring salads with a protein-packed ancient grain.

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