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4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Marathon Time

Use these tips from performance specialist Darcy Norman to finish your next race faster.


Q&A: Should I Carbo-Load the Night Before a Big Race?

Resident nutritionist Danielle LaFata explains what to eat before a big race.


Q&A: Training for a Long Walk?

Metabolic specialist Paul Robbins explains what it takes to train for an ultra-distance walk.

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What to Eat and Drink During a Half Marathon

Use this race day fueling strategy from nutritionist Danielle LaFata to keep your energy up and conquer the 13.1. miles.

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Essential Q&As for New Cyclists

Cycling coach Robert Panzera explains his keys to competitive cycling. Use his tips to get up to speed.

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Jumpstart Your Triathlon Training

The best time to start training for a triathlon? Right now. Use these seven tips to get a leg up on the competition.

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The Ultimate Kayaking Challenge

Author Warren Richey explains what it takes to win a race in 19 days.

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Rave Reviews from CES for adidas miCoach

adidas launches personal training platform with real-time audible coaching.

Success Stories

Fewer Miles, Better Performance

Brad Kluck’s efficient training program is helping him race better with less pain.

Success Stories

Time-Saving Training Plan

A long time triathlete, Fred Rzymek needed a way to reclaim his performance with little time to train.


Tony Stewart on Taking Charge

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart shares his tips for making the jump from employee to owner.


Q&A: Alternative to Lugging Drinks on Race Day

Don't let sugary drinks keep you from hydrating and performing great on race day.

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Food, Shelter… Racing?

How to bring your health and performance into focus during hard times.


Most Important Muscles for Runners

Forget your abs. The less sexy hip muscles help keep you running stronger with less risk of breaking down.

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How to Crack a 5-Minute Mile

A simple tweak to your running routine can help you shave time off your race pace and burn more fat.

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There's Always a Way to Train

How to train even when you have to be creative.

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Beat Your Best Running Time

Looking to increase your RPMs? Try turning up the BPMs on your mp3 player.

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Racing for Youth Sports

I was ready to give up on my dream of debuting at a big marathon until I heard from a friend.

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When You Just Don't Want to Train

When my schedule finally cut me a two-hour break, I told myself that only in my third week of marathon training, I couldn't miss this run...

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Track Your Progress

The main difference betweeen soccer and running is that tracking my progress is no longer an option...

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