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Master Your Breathing to Perform Better

Perfect the art of this basic human function to perform better, sleep better, and ease stress.

Well at Work

Office Report: Female Workers Aren’t Taking Time to Recover

A new survey found that women work more and are less likely to use their downtime to relax.

Live Better

10-Minute Resolution: Take an Afternoon Break

Give your brain a mental break by stepping away from your desk for a few minutes each day.

Well at Work

Women Less Likely to Take Breaks at Work

A report shows that not taking regular breaks at work can cause you to burn out faster.


Better Recovery with Vibration Training

Performance specialist Nick Winkelman demonstrates how to optimize your body's recovery with vibration training.


Q&A: Are Saunas Good for You?

How to reap the health benefits of a sauna even if you don't have access to one.

One Small Change

Breathe Better Under Pressure

A simple breathing trick to help you stay calm in stressful situations.

One Small Change

Game-Day Breathing: Does it Work?

Contributing writer Joe Kita tests a new breathing technique to see if it'll improve his batting average or if it's just a lot of hot air.

One Small Change

Breathe Yourself to Sleep

How to focus on your breathing to catch some zzz's fast.

One Small Change

Welcome to Breathing Bootcamp

How to fill your veins with ice water by changing the way you breathe.

One Small Change

Take a 31-Day Breather

"One Small Change" author Joe Kita begins his next month-long experiment to improve his health: breathing better.

One Small Change

Getting Melo at Yelo

We sent our stressed-out, sleep-deprived author to take a 40-minute nap in the middle of New York City. He awoke with a plan you can use to de-stress your life.

One Small Change

Napping Myths, Debunked

Writer Joe Kita experiences a breakthrough in his nap experiment. Too bad he slept right through it.

One Small Change

Why It's So Hard to Nap

Executing the rarely performed mid-day nap is harder than you might guess. Learn what not to do.

The Performance Life

Recovery Trip

I know students everywhere are facing the challenges of a new school year and new sports seasons...


6 Keys to a Better Power Nap

An extra 20 minutes of sleep could wake you up at work and help you get more done in the gym. Here's how to sneak in some more snooze.


The Best 7th Inning Stretch

A practical and effective way to loosen up at the park.


The Importance of Rituals for Peak Performance

Four rituals to enhance your workout and game day performance.