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Fueling for Your Run

We answer three common nutrition questions for runners to help you go farther, faster.

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Expert Advice for Endurance Athletes

Three ways to go longer and stronger in your favorite sport.

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The 120 Endurance Playlist

Use this fast-paced blend of funk, rock and reggae to improve your running time.

One Small Change

Performance Breathing: Does it Work?

How to train one of your most ignored muscles for better health and endurance.

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Best Dogs for Runners

Man's best friend might just be your best running partner. Here's how to find the right dog for you.


Q&A: Alternative to Lugging Drinks on Race Day

Don't let sugary drinks keep you from hydrating and performing great on race day.


Q&A: Eating Before Early Morning Run

Have a hard time eating before you run? Here's what to do.

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Food, Shelter… Racing?

How to bring your health and performance into focus during hard times.


Q&A: Is Skipping Breakfast Impacting My Run?

The impact of breakfast on your pace and performance as a runner.

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Q&A: Will You Burn Out Before Your Big Race?

Focusing too much on a single aspect of your training can set you up to peak too soon.

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5 Training Secrets for Triathletes

Triathlete Jessi Stensland shares her new perspective on racing, motivation, and finding balance in your training.

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So What Exactly is VO2?

The author undergoes a series of tests to measure his cardiovascular fitness. What he learns can make you a better athlete.


Most Important Muscles for Runners

Forget your abs. The less sexy hip muscles help keep you running stronger with less risk of breaking down.

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Q&A: How Can I Lower My Resting Heart Rate?

Learn what a healthy resting heart rate is and how to get yours in the right range.

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So You Want to Do a Triathlon?

Three things you need to know before competing in your first run, bike, and swim contest.


Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome 101

How to avoid and treat this common cause of knee pain in runners.

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Top 10 Marathon Training Mistakes

How to avoid common missteps that keep runners from making it to the finish line—or even the starting line.


Step Back for Speed

The fastest way to become a quicker athlete may be behind you.


How Exercise Makes Your Skin Look Healthier

A rosy complexion, thanks to exercise and oxygen-rich blood, can make you more appealing to the opposite sex.

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Q&A: Can I Run a Marathon?

Achieve your running goals, no matter your current fitness level. Just give yourself enough time to train.

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Strategies to Prepare Your Body for a PT Test

Use these simple yet effective strategies to prepare your body for your next PT test.

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4 Tips for Tapering Before a Race

Get the most out of your pre-race plan with these tips for tapering before a big race.

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7 Tips to Train for an Obstacle Race

Learn how to integrate your training so you can better prepare for this increasingly popular sport.

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Q&A: When is it Too Cold to Run Outside?

Find out how to protect yourself from the chill when out for a run.


How to Become a Barefoot Athlete

Use Mark Verstegen's advice to ease your way into barefoot training.