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Shoulder Pain


Beginner's Guide to Shoulder Pain

Fix your shoulders for good and avoid future pain with this guide to building strong and healthy shoulders.


Safeguard Your Shoulders

Protect your shoulders and elbows from overuse injuries.


How to Return from a Separated Shoulder

A separated shoulder is pretty common and easy to treat without surgery. Here's how to bounce back from it.


Boot Up Before Your Workout

Core Performance founder Mark Verstegen shows how to master the world's second-greatest stretch.


The Simple Guide to Shoulder Bursitis

Affecting both the young and old, find out how to combat this shoulder injury.


Pillar Strength 101

Your body's "pillar" is the foundation for all movement. Learn how to train it to move, look, and feel better than ever.

Well at Work

7 Stretches for the Office

Take a break from your computer to ease pain, boost energy, and improve posture with these innovative moves.

Play Better

Q&A: Exercises to Surf Without Shoulder Pain

Here's what to do if paddling out to the break is hurting your surfing experience and your body.

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Relief for Shoulder Arthritis

Everything you need to know about the causes of shoulder arthritis, how to avoid it, and what to do if you suffer from it.


W’s (TRX)

Guard your shoulders from injury with this prehab movement.


Y’s (TRX)

Help protect your shoulders and rotator cuff from injury with this move.


Shoulder External Rotation at 30 - Assisted Stance (TRX)

Help guard your shoulders from injury with this prehab movement.


Thoracic Spine Mobility - Double Tennis Ball

This prehab movement will feel as though you are getting a deep massage in your mid and upper back.