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Rope Stretch - Shoulder / Tricep

This AIS stretch is a very effective way to stretch both the triceps and shoulders.


Sidelying Shoulder Internal Rotation

This stretch will help protect the shoulder and the rotator cuff.


Pillar Bridge - Front Time

This movement turns up the intensity by lifting the entire body off the ground.


Y & T - Physioball - Weights

Adding weights to your favorite physioball exercise will really make it burn.


Pillar Bridge - Lateral Jumping Jack

This difficult movement is the one you've been preparing for with the Pillar Bridge progression.


Pillar Bridge - Front Narrow Feet

Narrowing the feet progresses the Pillar bridge and makes the movement more difficult.


Y's - Bent Over

The standing Y is part of a progression that will help reduce your potential for shoulder injury.


T's - Bent Over

The standing T will work your shoulder and upper and lower back.


W's - Bent Over

The standing W will work the muscles of the external rotator of the shoulder.


T Push-up

The push-up in the T position builds strength in your torso, shoulders and arms.


Q&A: The Perfect Pull-Up

The right form will keep you injury-free.


Q&A: Shoulder Popping During Weight Lifting

What it means if your joints start making noises.


Safeguard Your Shoulders

Protect your shoulders and elbows from overuse injuries.

Play Better

Little League Shoulders

Research shows that as few as six years of little league baseball can change the shoulder's natural range of motion.