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Pillar Bridge - with Arm Lift (Feet Narrow)

Build a stronger core with this pillar strength improving movement.


Y's - Dumbbells (Stability Ball)

Build strength in your shoulders and upper back with this movement.


L’s (Stability Ball)

Guard against shoulder injury with this prehab movement.


Curl to Overhead Press - Standing Dumbbell

Build strength in your biceps and shoulders with this efficient movement.


W's (Stability Ball)

This movement will work your upper back and help protect your shoulders from injury.


W's - Floor

This movement will help protect your shoulders from injury.


Lateral Lunge to Overhead Press - 1 Arm Dumbbell (Slide)

Work your shoulders and hips while stretching your groin with this efficient movement.


T's - Floor

This prehab movement can help guard against shoulder injury.


Training for the Great Outdoors

How to train when you're dealing with the elements.


How to Return from a Separated Shoulder

A separated shoulder is pretty common and easy to treat without surgery. Here's how to bounce back from it.

Play Better

Q&A: Exercises to Surf Without Shoulder Pain

Here's what to do if paddling out to the break is hurting your surfing experience and your body.


The Best Core Exercise You’re Not Doing

How one move can transform your workout and your performance.


The Simple Guide to Shoulder Bursitis

Affecting both the young and old, find out how to combat this shoulder injury.


Floor Posture Slides

This prehab movement will challenge the mobility in your shoulder.


All You Need to Know to Build Stability

Use this complete guide to solidify your core, hips and shoulders—the most important areas for dominant performance.


Beginner's Guide to Shoulder Pain

Fix your shoulders for good and avoid future pain with this guide to building strong and healthy shoulders.


Standing Y - Football

The standing Y is part of a progression that will help reduce your potential for shoulder injury.


Standing Y's & L's - Endurance

Standing Y's and L's are part of a progression that will help reduce your potential for shoulder injury.


Standing T - Football

The standing T will work your shoulder and upper and lower back.


Standing W - Football

This movement will help guard against common shoulder injuries seen in football players.