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How to Sit in a Chair

The way you're sitting could be doing major damage to your body. Use these tips to improve your body, sitting down.

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Strengthen Your Core for Hoops

Shore up your core to improve your performance on the basketball court.


Boot Up Before Your Workout

Core Performance founder Mark Verstegen shows how to master the world's second-greatest stretch.

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Strengthen Your Throwing Arm

Use these off-season training tips and exercises to build a stronger throwing arm for baseball.

Success Stories

One Road Warrior’s Game Plan

Bill Anderson shows how he overcame knee pain and shaped up despite spending most of his time on the road.


Training for the Great Outdoors

How to train when you're dealing with the elements.

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Q&A: Exercises to Surf Without Shoulder Pain

Here's what to do if paddling out to the break is hurting your surfing experience and your body.


The Best Core Exercise You’re Not Doing

How one move can transform your workout and your performance.


Q&A: The Perfect Pull-Up

The right form will keep you injury-free.


Q&A: Shoulder Popping During Weight Lifting

What it means if your joints start making noises.

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Little League Shoulders

Research shows that as few as six years of little league baseball can change the shoulder's natural range of motion.