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Soccer Training Programs

Become a dominant defender and lethal scoring threat by boosting your agility, endurance and power in soccer.


Rapid Response 2 Foot Linear Base - Soccer

This drill will help improve your acceleration and deceleration on the soccer field.


A Better Warm-Up

Ten innovative moves to jumpstart your training session.

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Weak Side? What Weak Side?

Get rid of your weak foot and balance your strength for success in soccer.


Rotational Lunge Stretch - Soccer

This move will stretch out your hips and torso.


Accelerate Faster

Improve your first step and acceleration with this speed workout.


Leg Cradle - Soccer

The leg cradle will improve your balance, while stretching out your glutes and your groin.

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20-Minute Warm-Up Reduces Injury

Studies show that performing a dynamic warm-up significantly reduces the number of groin injuries among soccer players.

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Warm Up Like the German National Team

Mark Verstegen shared one of the warm-up routines he used to prepare the German men's national team for the World Cup with The New York Times.

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World Cup-Inspired Strength-Building Workout

EXOS performance specialist Jonathan Barlow shares five moves he uses to prepare players for soccer's biggest competition.


5 Postgame Recovery Strategies for Soccer

Ease aches and pains and get your body ready for your next game with these postgame recovery tips.


3 Steps to World Cup-Worthy Pregame Nutrition

Follow this three-step nutrition plan to improve your focus, boost energy, and power your performance

Success Stories

How One EXOS Coach Helped a Pro Soccer Team Reach New Heights

EXOS performance specialist Benjamin Kugel used lessons from working with the German national team to help FC Köln excel.