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Prepare For Your Big Shot

Whether in practices or games, the Turkey National Soccer Team is proof that finishing strong matters.

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Improve Your Speed on the Field

4 keys to boost your speed and agility in soccer.


The Worst Sports Injury for Female Athletes

Women fall victim to ACL injuries more than five times as often compared to their male counterparts. Are you at risk?

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20-Minute Warm-Up Reduces Injury

Studies show that performing a dynamic warm-up significantly reduces the number of groin injuries among soccer players.

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Warm Up Like the German National Team

Mark Verstegen shared one of the warm-up routines he used to prepare the German men's national team for the World Cup with The New York Times.

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World Cup-Inspired Strength-Building Workout

EXOS performance specialist Jonathan Barlow shares five moves he uses to prepare players for soccer's biggest competition.


5 Postgame Recovery Strategies for Soccer

Ease aches and pains and get your body ready for your next game with these postgame recovery tips.


3 Steps to World Cup-Worthy Pregame Nutrition

Follow this three-step nutrition plan to improve your focus, boost energy, and power your performance

Success Stories

How One EXOS Coach Helped a Pro Soccer Team Reach New Heights

EXOS performance specialist Benjamin Kugel used lessons from working with the German national team to help FC Köln excel.