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TP Starter Set

The TP Starter Set includes the essential building blocks for injury prevention and positive biomechanics.


Power Plate® pro Series Power Shield™ - Silver

Designed for the pro Series, the Power Shield® is a low-profile plate that sits below your Power Plate® to reduce downward residual vibration.


Power Plate® my5 - Silver

Not only do three 15-minute workouts a week fit into your lifestyle, the sleek design, user-friendly settings, and remote control help my5™ fit harmoniously within your residence or private office.


Power Plate® pro5 - Silver

The Power Plate® pro5™ machine can take you as far as you want to go with your fitness goals, allowing you to increase vibration levels in one-step increments.


Power Plate® pro5 AIRdaptive™ - Silver

The Power Plate® pro5 AIRdaptive™ unit is distinguished by its ability to adapt the most to meet your needs, with 100 lbs. / 45 kg of extra load-bearing capacity and three air settings.