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6 Tips for Recovering After a Ruck March

Use these tips to ease sore muscles, refuel, and recover after a grueling ruck march.


Relieve Soreness With Just a Tennis Ball

The common tennis ball is all it takes to help relieve tightness from these three common trouble spots.


5 Moves to Cool Down After a Workout

Feel better and see more results from your workout with these rejuvenating movements.


Thoracic Extension - Heel Sit

Give your back some relief with this easy-to-perform stretch.


Compartment Syndrome: A Primer

Often mistaken as shin splints, compartment syndrome is a serious injury of the lower legs.


Trigger Point - VMO

Release tension in an important muscle with this move.


Foam Roll - Upper Back

Work out the kinks by massaging your upper back with this move.


Foam Roll - Quad

Massage the front of your legs to help restore them after a workout.


Trigger Point Movements 101

Learn this simple massage technique to work out the kinks in your muscles and alleviate pain.


Foam Roll - Lower Back

Soothe your lower back and help it recover from a tough workout.


Foam Roll - Chest

Massage your chest and assist your body in the recovery process with this move.


5 Things to Do After Every Workout

Use this simple checklist to feel great and see big-time results.

One Small Change

The Better Posture Workout

Simple exercises and lifestyle tips to improve your posture and help you look leaner, stronger and taller.

One Small Change

One Small Change to Look Leaner, Stronger, Taller

Improve your posture to look great and feel your best by the New Year.

One Small Change

Practice Makes Perfect... Right?

Use these tips to establish an exercise habit and bolster your skills without burning out.


Better Recovery with Vibration Training

Performance specialist Nick Winkelman demonstrates how to optimize your body's recovery with vibration training.

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How to Reduce Soreness During Your First Ski Trip

Steeps, bumps, powder, and even groomers are bound to leave you feeling sore. Here's what to do about it.

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Are Sports Creams Overrated?

A review of studies shows that the power of popular sports creams may be all in your head.


Q&A: Are Saunas Good for You?

How to reap the health benefits of a sauna even if you don't have access to one.


Everything You Need to Know About Hip Injuries

From hip flexor strains to hip pointers and hip bursitis, this primer covers them all to help you keep your hips strong and healthy.