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Sports Performance

6-inch Hurdles Set of 3


6-inch Hurdles

Improve your skills and maximize your power output using these training hurdles for speed drills, plyometrics and agility.

Core Performance Baseball Training DVD


Core Performance Baseball DVD

The Core Performance Baseball DVD grants amateur athletes access to the same training methods used by MLB all-stars looking to unlock their true physical potential while reducing the risk of injury.

Core Performance Football DVD


Core Performance Football DVD

Take your high school, collegiate, or professional football career to the next level with this instructional DVD featuring 65 cutting-edge exercise techniques, a 66-page manual, and a 12-week training program.


Core Performance Tennis DVD

This DVD and 68-page manual will help you become a faster, stronger, and better tennis player by using the same training methods as a number of pros in the WTA and ATP.


Golf Essentials Premium Bundle

Get the complete set of components needed for the Core Performance Golf program.


Golf Essentials Bundle

Get the essential components needed for the Core Performance Golf program.

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