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Sports Performance


Base Rotations

Improve your speed and acceleration by training your body to move from its hub.

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Training with Ronnie Brown

Check out this footage of Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown working out at Athletes' Performance.

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Introducing New Beta Version of Online Training Programs!

New Core Performance online training program launches today.


Movement Skills 101

This Core Performance training component develops your linear, lateral and multidirectional speed.


Plyometrics: A Primer

Plyometrics can build power and teach your body to move more efficiently. Here's a guide.

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Returning Tricky Shots

Three tips to help you cut towering tennis shots down to size.

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How to Improve Lateral Speed for Basketball

Become a better defender by increasing your lateral speed with these sports performance tips.

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How to Improve Your Net Returns

Raise your tennis game by mastering the simplest of strokes.


Q&A: Workouts Versus Programs: What's the Difference?

A primer on Core Performance workouts and training programs.

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Build Strength for Swimming

Use these conditioning strategies to train your body for more speed and endurance in the water.

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Weak Side? What Weak Side?

Get rid of your weak foot and balance your strength for success in soccer.


Speed: Beyond Genetics

Basic principles to become faster on the field or court.

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Explosive Speed Drill for Tennis

In tennis, you need speed and the ability to rapidly change direction. Here's a drill to improve both.


The Best Core Exercise You’re Not Doing

How one move can transform your workout and your performance.

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Increase Your Court Coverage

Get to more shots in tennis by developing the strength, balance, flexibility, and awareness you need.

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Eight MLB All-Stars Prepared at Athletes' Performance

Congratulations to all the 2009 MLB All-Stars who trained at Athletes' Performance.

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Aaron Curry on Training at Athletes' Performance

The 4th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft talks about his experience training at Athletes' Performance in Arizona.


The Hydration Experiment

Lessons in hydration from a man who drank exactly what his body needed for 30 consecutive days.

One Small Change

Take a 31-Day Breather

"One Small Change" author Joe Kita begins his next month-long experiment to improve his health: breathing better.


How to Fix Muscle Imbalance

Balance your body and reduce your risk for injury with this helpful guide.

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3 Drills to Improve Your Reaction Time

Work these drills into your routine to improve your reaction time and perform better.

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Plyometric Drills to Help You Make the Big Play

Use these plyometric drills to play bigger and better when it really counts.

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3 Tips for Conquering Open Water Swimming

Decorated swimmer Lynne Cox shares her top three tips for swimming better and stronger in open water.

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4 Tips for Tapering Before a Race

Get the most out of your pre-race plan with these tips for tapering before a big race.


Why You Should Drink Cold Water During Exercise

A new study found that the temperature of the water you drink during a workout can impact your performance.