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Q&A: Supplements for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Three things to know if you train hard and don't eat meat.


Q&A: Caffeine and Creatine

Is taking both creatine and caffeine together dangerous or effective?


Q&A: Feeling Too Full With Creatine

Timing your supplements correctly can increase their effectiveness and boost your energy.

In the News

Forbes: EXOS Performance Nutrition Products Receive NSF Certification

The magazine announced this week that several EXOS Performance Nutrition products are now NSF Certified for Sport.


Beta-Alanine May Reduce Muscle Fatigue, Says Study

A new study found that taking beta-alanine may help reduce acid buildup caused by intense exercise.


5 Tips for Dealing with Lactose Intolerance

Use these strategies to manage your lactose intolerance.


Is Your Workout Caffeinated?

Nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips explains whether a cup of Joe should have a place in your workout routine.


EAS Sports Nutrition Launches 100% Certified Program

EAS Sports Nutrition is the first major nutrition brand to receive 100 percent certification that their products are free from banned substances.


The Best Post-Workout Shakes for Triathletes

Try these post-workout shake recipes designed for endurance athletes to improve performance and recover fast from hard workouts.

Live Better

A Curious Case of Kidney Stones…Are You at Risk?

Our writer followed a healthy diet for years. (Too healthy, perhaps.) Then he found out he had kidney stones. Read this to save yourself the pain.


The Best Post-Workout Drink

Nutritionist Danielle LaFata explains how to make sure you don't lose out on all your hard work.


Solid Rule for Supplements

A recent study reiterates the importance of talking to your doctor about supplements.


Mustard: A Cure for Cramps?

Why you may want to fill your pockets with mustard packets on race day.

One Small Change

The Age-Defying Diet

8 ways to eat better today, tomorrow, and for life.


Q&A: Liquid Versus Pill Supplements

Which supplement forms that are best to pop, and why.

One Small Change

Clean Out Your Fitness Fridge

9 ways to simplify your diet and still fuel your body for exercise.


The Folic Acid Fallout

New research finds a supplement guys should avoid.


Is Your Multivitamin Snake Oil?

You might be wasting money on your daily multivitamin, according to new research.


Two Core Supplements

Is your diet perfect? Probably not. Which means you should consider this pair of supplements.


All About Fish Oil

Boost your health and performance with the essential fatty acids in fish.