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Tomatillo Turkey Enchiladas

Whip up this hearty enchilada recipe for a tasty, simple meal.


5 Stretches to Refresh Your Warmup

Try these dynamic stretches to prepare for a better workout.


Master Your Breathing to Perform Better

Perfect the art of this basic human function to perform better, sleep better, and ease stress.


Q&A: Supplements for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Three things to know if you train hard and don't eat meat.


Q&A: Caffeine and Creatine

Is taking both creatine and caffeine together dangerous or effective?


The New Science of Cardio

Forget everything you know about traditional cardio work. Energy Systems Development, or ESD, is a more effective way to train your body.

In the News

EXOS Makes Inc.’s List of 5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies

EXOS earns a place on the list for its 113-percent growth and strong job creation.


Q&A: What are the Healthiest Beers?

Nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips suggests a handful of brews to reach for when looking for the healthiest options.


Q&A: Feeling Too Full With Creatine

Timing your supplements correctly can increase their effectiveness and boost your energy.


The Complete Guide to Creatine

Everything you need to know about this muscle-building, strength-boosting, health-promoting supplement.


The New Science of Recovery Nutrition

All you need to know to refuel and rehydrate after your workout.


Q&A: What are the Healthiest Wines?

How to select wines with the greatest health benefits.

In the News

Odell Beckham Jr. Teams Up With EXOS Performance Nutrition

The 2014 NFL Rookie of the Year teams up with EXOS to champion proper nutrition.

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Forbes: EXOS Performance Nutrition Products Receive NSF Certification

The magazine announced this week that several EXOS Performance Nutrition products are now NSF Certified for Sport.

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EXOS and Thorne Research Partner to Create EXOS Performance Nutrition

EXOS is excited to announce the launch of EXOS Performance Nutrition, our new line of high-quality nutritional supplements.

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EXOS Recognized on Fast Company’s List of Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness

EXOS earns a place on Fast Company's list “for improving the entire health and fitness industry.”

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EXOS Completes Acquisition of MediFit

EXOS acquires MediFit, one of the nation's leading providers of fitness and wellness center management and design services.

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EXOS Creates the Advanced 7-Minute Workout for The New York Times

Mark Verstegen shares a circuit workout that is challenging, but scalable to many fitness levels, while also being time efficient.

In the News

EXOS Named to Inc.'s List of 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies

The award represents EXOS' strong growth of supporting athletes, the U.S. military, and corporations worldwide.

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Feeling Uninspired? Take a Walk

When you feel your creativity lacking, taking a walk can help you find inspiration, according to a small study from Stanford University researchers.