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Play Better

6 Tips for Recovering After a Ruck March

Use these tips to ease sore muscles, refuel, and recover after a grueling ruck march.


Trigger Point - VMO

Release tension in an important muscle with this move.

Live Better

How to Sit in a Chair

The way you're sitting could be doing major damage to your body. Use these tips to improve your body, sitting down.

Well at Work

How to Create an Ergonomic Workspace

Four simple steps to reduce strain on your body and feel great at work.


T's - Scissor Stance

Actively stretch your chest and shoulders with this move.

Well at Work

7 Stretches for the Office

Take a break from your computer to ease pain, boost energy, and improve posture with these innovative moves.

Play Better

How to Reduce Soreness During Your First Ski Trip

Steeps, bumps, powder, and even groomers are bound to leave you feeling sore. Here's what to do about it.


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: A Primer

Why you may feel so sore from your workout and what to do about it.


Are You Stretching Enough?

In this 9-part series, author Joe Kita explores what it's like to stretch every day for a month.

One Small Change

The Nonstop Flexibility Workout

A simple change to the way you stretch will have you improving your flexibility all day.

One Small Change

When Yoga Hurts

Yes, it's possible to get injured doing yoga. We explain why, so you can prevent it from happening to you.

One Small Change

Getting Stiffed When You Travel

On the first day of his stretching journey, writer Joe Kita finds himself trapped in the confines of inflexibility: an airplane.


How to Loosen Up a Tight IT Band

Use these exercises and stretches to keep your legs flexible and strong.


Soothe Sore Muscles

Try this block of exercises on a day when you are feeling a bit too tired to work out, but want to do something.


How to Use a Foam Roll

Everything you need to know about the foam roll.


Leg Cradle - Golf

This movement can stretch out your hips, strengthen your pillar and improve balance.


Foam Roll - Gluteus Medius

This foam roll regeneration movement will feel as if you as getting a massage.


Foam Roll - Glutes

This movement will help release muscles that tighten up in your backside.


Foam Roll - IT Band

This movement will help release the muscles on the outside of your thigh.


Foam Roll - Hamstring

This self massage will help you maintain the tissue quality in your hamstring.