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Live Better

7 Keys to a Good Night's Sleep

How simple changes to your routine can help you sleep better.


Can Sleep Solve Your Problems?

Struggling with a problem? Hit the sack to help your brain function better.

Play Better

Q&A: Will You Burn Out Before Your Big Race?

Focusing too much on a single aspect of your training can set you up to peak too soon.

One Small Change

The Verdict on Napping

After a month of napping, Joe Kita shares his learnings on how and why to get more rest.

One Small Change

Getting Melo at Yelo

We sent our stressed-out, sleep-deprived author to take a 40-minute nap in the middle of New York City. He awoke with a plan you can use to de-stress your life.


Q&A: Fatiguing Too Soon

Ever feel burned out right after you’ve started your workout? Here’s how to handle it.

One Small Change

Do You Need a Nap?

For his latest experiment, writer Joe Kita has chosen to nap more. Is there any sacrifice this man won't make?

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