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The Performance Life

The New Rules of Lifting for Abs: An Interview with Co-Author Lou Schuler

Lou Schuler, co-author of The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, talks about getting lean, training hard, and seeing your abs.

Play Better

Strengthen Your Core for Hoops

Shore up your core to improve your performance on the basketball court.


Q&A: No Wall for Medicine Ball Throws?

Three ways to build power with medicine balls in any workout space.


Master the Overhead Squat

Perfect one of the most effective movements for your lower body and boost pillar strength with these helpful technique pointers.


Shore Up Your Hips with Vibration Training

Performance specialist Nick Winkelman explains an effective way to use vibration training to strengthen your hips and torso.

Play Better

Returning Tricky Shots

Three tips to help you cut towering tennis shots down to size.


Training for the Great Outdoors

How to train when you're dealing with the elements.


The Best Core Exercise You’re Not Doing

How one move can transform your workout and your performance.


Core Training, Misunderstood

The common definition of core training is all wrong. This video shows why it's more important to train what's known as your body's "pillar."

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