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All About Proprioception

Find out what this "sixth sense" is and how it relates to sports.


The Core Performance Training Philosophy

Just getting started with Core Performance? Learn the basics of our approach to performance training and how you can benefit from it.


Strength Training 101

Build strength, size, and explosive power with a game-changing approach to resistance training.


Stability Ball Training 101

This primer shows how to use a stability ball to improve balance, stability, and strength.


Movement Skills 101

This Core Performance training component develops your linear, lateral and multidirectional speed.


Plyometrics: A Primer

Plyometrics can build power and teach your body to move more efficiently. Here's a guide.


Medicine Ball Training 101

Learn what medicine ball training is and why it's essential to Core Performance workouts.


Vibration Training 101

Could exercising on a vibrating platform improve your workout? Here's what you need to know about this innovative training method.


How to Fix Muscle Imbalance

Balance your body and reduce your risk for injury with this helpful guide.


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: A Primer

Why you may feel so sore from your workout and what to do about it.


The Simple Guide to Core Performance Training Phases

A useful primer to help guide you through each phase of Core Performance training programs.


How to Make Your Training More Efficient

Are you making the most efficient use of your time in the gym or just going through the motions? Save time, get more quality work done and see better results.

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World Cup-Inspired Strength-Building Workout

EXOS performance specialist Jonathan Barlow shares five moves he uses to prepare players for soccer's biggest competition.

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3 Tips for Conquering Open Water Swimming

Decorated swimmer Lynne Cox shares her top three tips for swimming better and stronger in open water.

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4 Tips for Tapering Before a Race

Get the most out of your pre-race plan with these tips for tapering before a big race.


Save Reading for Recovery

If you are reading or watching TV, you more than likely aren't getting the most out of your workout.