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Upper Body


How to Treat a Dislocated Finger

Learn everything you need to know about treating a dislocated finger.


Bruised Ribs: What You Need to Know

Learn how to relieve the pain and recover from bruised ribs.


Push-up to Pike (TRX)

Build strength and stability in your chest, arms, shoulders and torso with this combination move.


Strength Training 101

Build strength, size, and explosive power with a game-changing approach to resistance training.


Stability Ball Training 101

This primer shows how to use a stability ball to improve balance, stability, and strength.


Plyometrics: A Primer

Plyometrics can build power and teach your body to move more efficiently. Here's a guide.


How to Return from a Separated Shoulder

A separated shoulder is pretty common and easy to treat without surgery. Here's how to bounce back from it.


The Simple Guide to Hernias

What you need to know to prevent or bounce back from a hernia.


Sports Hernia 101

What you need to know to reduce your risk of suffering a sports hernia.


Bench Press - Dumbbell - Endurance

This movement is one of the best and simplest upper body exercises.


Foam Roll - Upper Back

The foam roll for you mid and upper back will be one of your favorite exercises.