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10 Under-the-Radar Power Foods

Each item on this list packs a punch of beneficial nutrients and unique flavor.


7 Healthy Foods for Spring

Buy the nutritious fruits and veggies on this list to eat healthier this spring.

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Bone Health: It’s Not Just for Seniors

The body’s bones erode gradually over time. Here are three ways to keep your bones strong and healthy.


The Complete Guide to Omega Fatty Acids

Everything you need to know about these heart-healthy fats.


A Guide to Vitamin A

Here's an in-depth look at the health benefits of vitamin A.


EAS Sports Nutrition Launches 100% Certified Program

EAS Sports Nutrition is the first major nutrition brand to receive 100 percent certification that their products are free from banned substances.


Q&A: Healthiest Greens for Salads?

Nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips explains how to choose nutrient-rich veggies for healthy salads.

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A Curious Case of Kidney Stones…Are You at Risk?

Our writer followed a healthy diet for years. (Too healthy, perhaps.) Then he found out he had kidney stones. Read this to save yourself the pain.


Milk: It's Still Good For You

Research shows young adults are reducing their calcium intake, but at what cost?


Q&A: Liquid Versus Pill Supplements

Which supplement forms that are best to pop, and why.


5 Forgotten Veggies

You might be filling up on fresh veggies, but if you stick with the same ones every week, you're missing out.

One Small Change

Clean Out Your Fitness Fridge

9 ways to simplify your diet and still fuel your body for exercise.


7 Must-Eat Fruits and Veggies for Spring

Boost your health with some of the best in-season favorites in the produce aisle.


The 5-Minute Guide to Vitamins

From improving eyesight to building healthy bones, check out the benefits of vitamins and how to get more in your diet.


Is Your Multivitamin Snake Oil?

You might be wasting money on your daily multivitamin, according to new research.


Fight Off Memory Loss

Save your brain from aging with the help of vitamin D, a proven mental health aid.


Food is Not the Enemy

View nutrition as your training partner. Food not only fuels your body for every training session, but it also ensures proper recovery.


Heal Your Body with Food

The proper nutrients can help you recover faster from injury and move more efficiently.


Folate 101

From boosting brainpower to reducing risks for disease, discover the benefits of folate and how to get more of it in your diet.


Antioxidants 101

What they are, why they're good for you, and how to get more of them in your diet.