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Feeling Uninspired? Take a Walk

When you feel your creativity lacking, taking a walk can help you find inspiration, according to a small study from Stanford University researchers.


Study: Translating Calories into Walking Distance on Menus Can Curb Calorie Intake

A new study found that including how much exercise it will take to burn calories on a menu can help people cut back on calories.

Well at Work

People Who Take the Stairs are Fitter and More Productive

A small study shows that taking the stairs can make you a faster, fitter, and healthier worker.

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A Compelling Case for Taking the Stairs

A new study found that simple signs can encourage people to walk more.


Sidestep Your Afternoon Snack Break

New research shows that taking a short walk may help you eat fewer high-calorie snacks like chocolate.


Can You Limit Sitting and Sleeping to 23 ½ Hours a Day?

Dr. Mike Evans of the University of Toronto explains how a simple action can significantly improve the quality and length of your life.

Success Stories

What It's Like to Walk a Marathon

How one woman lost 30 pounds and gained the confidence to finish a marathon at her own pace.

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5 Tips for Tackling a Turkey Trot

Use these nutrition and training tips to prepare for this traditional Thanksgiving Day event.

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Can You Incidentally Improve Your Fitness?

Oh, by the way, you’re getting fitter. Here’s how.


Q&A: Training for a Long Walk?

Metabolic specialist Paul Robbins explains what it takes to train for an ultra-distance walk.

The Performance Life

Rave Reviews from CES for adidas miCoach

adidas launches personal training platform with real-time audible coaching.


Small Steps to Big Change

Stuck behind a desk all day, contributing writer Joe Kita finds strategies to avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle.

One Small Change

How to Stay Active All Day

How a month with a pedometer rocked my world.

One Small Change

Are You More Active Than Grandma?

Contributing writer Joe Kita, his mother, wife, dog and 10-year-old neighbor are all wearing pedometers. No way Joe registers the least steps, right?

One Small Change

Could You Actually Be Sedentary?

Contributing writer Joe Kita considers himself fit, but is he moving enough throughout the day to stay healthy?

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Q&A: How Can I Lower My Resting Heart Rate?

Learn what a healthy resting heart rate is and how to get yours in the right range.

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Take Steps to Control Your Cravings

Can't take your mind off food? Walk it off.

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Pedometers Help with Weight Loss Programs

Recent research shows that wearing a pedometer can help you walk off pounds faster.

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Active Made Easy

New research shows that even the smallest changes to your daily behavior can transform your health.

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Ditch Your Flip-Flops

A new study suggests that you should leave your flip-flops at the beach to protect your feet and your performance.