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Q&A: What are the Healthiest Beers?

Nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips suggests a handful of brews to reach for when looking for the healthiest options.


Q&A: What are the Healthiest Wines?

How to select wines with the greatest health benefits.

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Social Jet Lag: Is it Making You Fat?

A new study found that having different weekday and weekend sleep habits can lead to weight gain.

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7 Everyday Tasks Made Easy

Perform better and avoid injury (and embarrassment) with this guide to replacing water coolers, opening stubborn jars and more.

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Protect Skin From Winter Rays

A cloudy winter day doesn't mean you should skip out on sunscreen, according to experts.

One Small Change

Ringing in the Holidays

As part of his month-long attempt to be a better man, writer Joe Kita enlists in the Salvation Army.


6 Healthy Tailgate Recipes

Your pre-game party doesn't have to be an unhealthy food fest. Here's what to eat at your tailgate party.

One Small Change

Are We Drinking Too Much?

Follow along (or join with) as writer Joe Kita begins his newest health-boosting experiment: drinking less alcohol.


6-Layer Mexican Dip

In the mood for Mexican? Spice up your snack with a mix of cheese, sour cream, and lean ground beef.


Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

A simple sandwich in 20 minutes makes an ideal appetizer or afternoon snack.


8 Tips to Host a Healthier BBQ

Try these simple tips to make your summer barbecues better for your body.

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8 Summer Dos and Don'ts

Start your summer off right with this simple list to keep you and your family healthy.

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5 Ways Tech is Waging War on Your Body

Obsessive texting, tweeting, and talking on the phone can wear down your body and undermine efforts in the gym. Here’s how to fight back.

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Are Video Games Good for You?

Despite all indications to the contrary, playing video games may actually yield a health benefit.

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Build a Better Home Gym

No health club membership? Here's how to use a few versatile training tools to improve your fitness and performance.

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Set a Good Example for Children

Stay on top of your children's exercise and eating habits by including them in your exercise program.


How to Recover from a Blown Day of Eating

It’s not the stuff-your-face fests that make us fat. It’s the tailspin that follows. Here’s how to avoid it.

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Nature is Good for the Brain

Take a vacation for your brain.

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Ankle Braces Can Prevent Injuries in Women's Volleyball

A simple piece of equipment can significantly reduce ankle injuries.


Eat Great at the Beach

Prepare for the beach—and avoid the unhealthy snack stands—with this simple checklist of foods for your cooler.