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Core Performance Women Book

Packed with powerful advice, full workout routines, and integrated meal plans, Mark Verstegen's new book is the revolutionary training and nutrition program designed specifically for women.

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Live Better

America: A Nation of Couch Potatoes

A new study from the University of Alabama found that the average person is getting less than two minutes of rigorous exercise a day.

Live Better

Study: Calorie Burn from Housework Often Overestimated

A new study found that people often overestimate how many calories they burn from housework.


Mark Verstegen’s Hip-Strengthening Workout for Women

Train an often overlooked area with this mini-workout from Core Performance’s founder.


Women Who Read Food Labels Weigh Less

A new study found that reading food labels can impact a woman’s weight.

Well at Work

Study: 80 Percent of Employees are Taking Work Home

A new study found that checking emails and answering work-related calls after hours is adding up to extra weeks of work each year.

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